Heart of The Tabernacle
Our Introduction

The Heart of The Tabernacle is a 4 week course designed to formally introduce ourselves to you. Each class is taught by a different leader within the church, giving you a chance to meet the people who create the core of the church. We want you to:


the history of our community of believers.

"why" we believe what we believe. 

how we came to the revelation that "God is in a good mood".

the Heart of The Tabernacle. 

If you are looking to get to know the church and/or wanting to make The Tabernacle your home church, this is your best place to start. 

When Is the Next "Heart of The Tabernacle"?

The next course is Sunday, November 5th from 9am to 9:50am on the ground floor. Please email our Welcome Pastor, Bob Farrell, to sign up and find out when the course will start. 

Welcome Pastor / Heart of The Tabernacle Director
Bob Farrell