God is beautiful in how He saves and extravagant in how He loves.

God is Good

We believe God is good and He is in a good mood. He is a good, good Father. He is not upset with us or worried about our lives. He came to redeem the value in each of us, not to point out our problems. He removes the problem to reveal treasure underneath, the treasure He felt was worth the price of His son to redeem. He is good. 
(James 1:17)


Father, Son, Holy Spirit

We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit: One being in three persons. Three different persons, same spirit. 
(John 14:11)



We value a spirit-filled place of worship: a Church seeking His presence to bring about transformation and healing in our lives daily. 




The Lord, Jesus Christ, was born of the virgin Mary by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is God's son, living eternally with no beginning and no end. By Him we see and know the Father, He is the image of the invisible God.
(John 1:1-5, Col 1:15-20)



We believe in the baptism of water, and the infilling of the believer with the Holy Spirit through the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are real places.  

The Bible

The Bible is the inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God. 



Everyone is redeemable. There is healing and reconciliation through believing and accepting Jesus as your savior. Salvation is free, a gift from the Father to His children.
(2nd Peter 3:9)

The Cross

We believe in the power of the cross. Christ died for freedom from all our sins: past, present and future. While He died for our sins, Christ also died to remove the effects of that sin in our lives. He was buried, resurrected, and ascended into heaven where He reigns forever.  

The Church

We love the Church. God gave us the gift of fellowship and the work of gathering His lost children to Him. The Church gathers together and inspires the believer to live supernaturally for God, impacting the world around them.