Worship Audition

The Tabernacle worship team holds auditions at any time, on a one on one basis. We have a heart to see God move in people and hear His voice through their gifts. Below is the foundation of criteria for being a part of The Tabernacle Worship Team:

All musical team members must be able to:

    •    Read chord charts.

    •    Properly tune their instruments.

    •    Have a basic understanding of music theory.

    •    Play in time / a consistent rhythm.

    •    Play in different time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 6/8).

    •    Play dynamically (soft, medium, loud).

    •    Play / sing on pitch.

    •    Play along to a CLICK TRACK.

    •    Follow the direction of the leader during song improvisation.

    •    Play / sing in front of other people.



Must be able to:

    •    Know the names of the strings.

    •    Know and play all major / minor chords.

    •    Properly use a capo (guitar only).



Must be able to:

    •    Hear and/or be taught parts (sing harmony and melody).

    •    Blend and adapt their vocal style to the direction of the worship team.

    •    Confidently sing into a microphone in front of others.

    •    Show proper use of vibrato in a contemporary worship context.


Drums / Percussion

Must be able to:

    •    Properly utilize various types of sticks.

    •    Pay with control / dynamically.

    •    Follow team leader's lead during songs (continue, speed up, repeat, etc.)

    •    Play in different time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 6/8) in a variety of patterns. 


All Worshipers

All musical team members must be willing to:

    •    Not play if a song requires it, or if asked by the team leader.


All musical team members must:

    •    Be born-again, believers in Christ. 

    •    Have the full support of family and spouse for the commitment.

    •    Audition at the time the worship director schedules. 


How to Audition

We have a two-step process for Tabernacle auditions. The first step is to prepare a short video demo to be submitted via email to our worship leader. Please choose one song from our list below according to the instrument you are auditioning. The video should be:
    •    Simple and basic in front of a computer camera is great. Please do not mix your demo or add effects to alter the raw quality. We'd like all demos to be consistent. Thank you!
    •    20 second or LESS verbal introduction with your name, where you're from, experience (i.e. how many years playing/singing in general, and also in a worship context as: main worship team, youth team, small group, leader, co-leader, worship pastor, etc.)
After we receive your demo, you will receive an email from our worship leader regarding next steps. If it is necessary, you will be asked to come in and audition with the Tabernacle Team on an evening during the week.
We look forward to worshiping with you!

Female Vocal

Great Are You Lord                            Amanda Cook


Break Every Chain                            Kristine Dimarco


Holy Spirit                                Kim Walker Smith



Male Vocal

Alleluia                                    Jesus Culture


Forevermore                                Jesus Culture


When You Walk Into the Room                     Bryan Torwalt



Good Good Father                            Housefires


He Is Faithful                                Bryan and Katie Torwalt


I See Heaven                                Bryan and Katie Torwalt


Acoustic Guitar

I See Heaven                                Bryan and Katie Torwalt


Good, Good Father                            Housefires


Burning Ones                                Jesus Culture



Electric Guitar

Freedom                                Bethel


To Our God                                Bethel


The Lion and the Lamb                        Leeland/Bethel



What we believe about worship

Worship is a divine privilege, a privilege that has a great responsibility and an even greater amount of joy! Worship is our personal and corporate response to God, in spirit and in truth. We seek the presence of the Holy Spirit each time we gather to worship the Lord. Our main focus is to be worshippers, with our entire lives. 

We also focus, rest in and pursue the Love of Christ always. Therefore, we maintain a love to one another on the worship team and the congregation during all moments of our worship (practice, sunday morning rehearsal and worship). Maintaining His love is a vital and important part of the ministry at The Tabernacle, where our lifestyles are an immediate reflection of our worship. Our worship team communicates and upholds one another with:

    •    Love

    •    Honor

    •    Humility

    •    Passion