“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In the Gospel of John, God chose to introduce himself as the Word-  not the Power, not the Light, not the Love, but the Word.

This shows that God wanted to identify Himself as one who speaks with us, particularly through the Bible, the Living Word. As we read the Bible daily with a heart to know Him better, we will become more aware of how He speaks with us. Then journaling develops our ability to talk with God by opening a daily conversation.

                                                                                       This is a conversation,
 HOW DO I START?                                                           not an assignment.

1.  Have a blank journal.  The journal can be any type, from a simple spiral notebook to a leather-bound book.  What’s important is to have a book with a daily record of our thoughts or questions or requests for God.

2.  Read the Bible daily.  We recommend reading the chapter listed in this booklet.  If you skip a day or more, don’t worry – just start again on the daily chapter for that day.  Don’t feel you have to go back to catch up.  This is a conversation, not an assignment.

3.  After you read the day’s chapter, take some quiet time to identify whatever touched you or puzzled you in the Scripture.                                           

4.  Write that in your journal.  One page or part of a page or a single line is fine.  You are talking to God with your pen, so start the conversation by writing whatever comes to mind.

5. Listen.  Give time for God to speak to you.  You may have a feeling or a thought, and it may even seem like your own voice, but He will speak.  After all, He is the Word. By reading the Living Word regularly and by speaking to Him in your journal writing, your hearing and understanding of Him will become clearer. 

God and Adam walked together in the garden, talking in the cool of the day, and He wants to do the same with you!